Students produce pizza dough with beer waste


Residual product from brewery makes Italian fare healthier.

Brewery residual flow

During a three-day boot camp in Turnhout, students from Thomas More and the University of Leuven discovered the opportunities and pitfalls of doing business. During the boot camp at which the product was perfected, four bio-sciences students worked together with two nutrition and dietetics students.

What is so unique about the pizza? ``That draff is added to the dough. This high-fibre product is a residual flow from breweries. In this case it was Brouwerij Het Nest, with whom I have good connections, says Toon Versmissen from Vosselaar, who also brews beer himself at home. Michai Bernaerts from Putte can draw upon the knowledge he accumulated at the bakery school to find the right dough composition. `Actually it is just a question of getting together and doing a lot of tasting, but also knowing why we do it in such a way and not differently.´´ Pizza is at the bottom of the new nutrition triangle, but the pizza from the students can, according to Niels Van Dyck from Oostmalle, only move it up some places in the triangle. It tastes good too. The grain waste that is normally processed as cattle feed gives the pizza a pleasant, full taste. Thomas Van Den Broek can also tell us that the draff from Schuppenboer is used.

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