Het Nest dances the samba - Playing card beers to Brazil


Since November Brazilians have also been able to enjoy a Turnhout KleverenTien or KoekeDam. Brouwerij Het Nest is having its beers brewed on the other side of the pond.

The beers from Het Nest have already been exported to different countries including the United States and China for a number of years. “But now for the first time a foreign brewery will brew and distribute five of our beers under licence”, explains managing director Bart Cuypers. “We have already been trying to penetrate the South American market for some time, but a country such as Brazil has a greatly protected market. With the heavy import duties of 40% and the transport costs, we would be twice as expensive as the domestic brands.”

The Brazilian brewery Cervejaria Premium Paulista has major plans for the playing card beers from Het Nest. “Working with a brewer from the ultimate beer country means we can better position ourselves as a high quality brewer”, says CEO Robson Tatimoto, who signed the agreement in Oud-Turnhout on Monday. “We are now investigating the possibilities of exporting to other South American countries. More than thirty people are already working on the marketing and sale of the Belgian beer.”

The beers keep their name and appearance in Brazil. “The recognisability of the playing card symbol is the most important factor”, believes Bart Cuypers. “Premium Paulista is targeting sales of 1,500 hectolitres next year, but if the figure is just half that and we only achieve the volume in 2019, we will also be very satisfied.”

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